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Whirly Bird was founded  in 1996 and is one of the original pioneers in the close range aerial filming business.  Whirly Bird has flown productions for, and provided systems to, both the television and film industries, with clients such as the Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, and Fear Factor to name a few... and have provided systems to, and trained personnel for, the U.S. government, and specialized departments of the D.O.D.

Whirly Birds chief cam copter pilot is also an FAA licensed commercial helicopter pilot with both instrument and certified flight instructor ratings. So whether you are a video production company, professional photographer, civilian or government entity or are interested in starting your own aerial filming business, you will be in professional and well trained hands with Whirly Bird. 

Whirly Bird UAV systems are available in fully, or semi autonomous flight modes, in configurations that will carry 
8 to 45 pound payloads.  Whirly Bird also designed and now manufactures the F.A.A. certified Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator, that accommodates the needs of full size helicopter pilots.  Please visit our Products page for more information.  

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